Share with spouse

Is it possible to share budgets/data source with spouse so that we can keep our records in one place and up to date and in sync?

Hi Jeff,

A live sync between other people is something that we really want to offer - we would really like to use it ourselves to be honest.

However as we are privacy focussed and made the decision not to host user data ourselves, we rely on iCloud for syncing. So far Apple does not support iCloud database syncing between different iCloud users. So we are still developing ideas on the best way to approach this in future.

That being said, if you take a look on the dashboard screen, you’ll see a share icon in the top right. You can use this to send a plan to another user via Airdrop, Messages or email. This can then be imported over the top of an existing plan or as a duplicate. I know this is not as good as a live sync, but it’s the best way we have of sharing at the moment. On the plus side, we’ve found that we are far more communicative of our spend since we’ve been doing this.

Thanks for another excellent question!