Sync transactions

Is it possible to sync bank/credit card transactions automatically with the app?

Hello Jeff and thanks for the great question.

Unfortunately at this point we have actively avoided any kind of bank account connection due to cost and privacy. As we don’t mine your data or advertise within the app, we have don’t have ongoing revenue to allow us to pay for bank feeds.

Ultimately we would love to give users the choice and hopefully as usage of Budget Forward grows, we may be able to offer a very cheap subscription option to do this. The companies that offer these feeds usually charge us per user and also have a minimum monthly spend.

In the meantime we are working on a series of videos on setting up a plan that leverages Budget Forward to its maximum potential. Part of that, which we learned from Scott Pape, known in Australia as the Barefoot Investor, is to use a separate account for your ongoing spending. This way you can regularly enter transactions, or less regularly update the balance of your spending accounts while leaving the accounts with your recurring expenses to tick along without worry.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope that in future we can add in a secure way of bringing your spending transactions into Budget Forward.